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pair of hands needing eczema treatment

Understanding What Eczema Is

Dry, red, itching, patchy, and scaly skin. These are just a couple of symptoms of Atopic dermatitis (eczema). Skin conditions can be confusing because of the vast amount of things that can affect skin health. Let’s take a closer look at what eczema is, so you can understand what eczema treatment is right for you. Understanding Eczema […]

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chemical peel

All the Benefits of Chemical Peels

Your skin can benefit from chemical peels in a variety of ways. They provide a variety of advantages that can help you attain healthy, beautiful skin, whether you want a rapid boost or long-term results. Dr. Fiona Wright created Skin MD and Beyond in Plano, Texas to give people the proper education and care so […]

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Sport woman armpit sweating.

Can Botox injections be used for sweating?

Do you find that you sweat more than others? Do you find that perspiration cannot be managed effectively with antiperspirants and deodorant? Are you finding yourself ruining clothes due to excessive sweating? If you experience the embarrassment and stress of excessive sweating, you know how much this condition can impact your day-to-day life—and self-confidence. Patients […]

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What should I do if I have moles?

Moles are areas of excess pigmentation that are often present at birth. In most cases, these moles are benign and their appearance is just cosmetic. However, conditions such as skin cancer can be found due to changes in these moles over time. Skin cancer is a scary diagnosis, but with proper prevention and screening, many […]

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KYBELLA Plano and Frisco TX

Say Goodbye to That Double Chin!

It’s never a good time to realize you have a double chin. But there it is, one day as you look in the mirror. When did that get there? Thankfully, though, there’s a treatment that allows you to get rid of that little extra fat pocket under your skin, and it’s completely knife-free. Keep reading […]

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DRY SKIN Plano and Frisco TX

Why Is My Skin Suddenly Sensitive?

There are some days where you may just wake up to worse skin than the day before. Who are we kidding? It’s surely happened to all of us, whether we found a new pimple, a new wrinkle, or just skin that turned dry and flakey overnight. Keep reading for a few suggestions when your skin […]

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Let a Liquid Facelift Help You Save Face During the Holidays

There are a time and a season for just about everything in your life, including a surgical facelift. Although surgical facelifts can give patients excellent results, they do require a lot of downtime and recovery afterward— which is something nobody can afford around the holidays. Luckily, Dr. Fiona Wright can help give you similar results […]

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Managing Menopause with the HCG Diet

No matter how much you work out, no matter how many abdominal crunches you do, it gets harder to keep that tiny waistline as you go through menopause. Menopause is associated with a natural decline in estrogen, causing muscle mass and strength to typically diminish while fat increases. The loss of muscle mass decreases the […]

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