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What is a Visia™ Analysis?

Visia™ was originally developed as a research tool. It is the gold standard skin analysis system in the world and is used in scientific studies internationally to accurately assess skin treatment results.
Visia™ skin analysis is a combination of specialized photography techniques and computer software that helps generate images of the skin that will allow us to evaluate various imperfections, as if examining them under a microscope and precisely quantifying the changes seen.

Your skin complexion is the window through which you project yourself to the world. If you want to know exactly what your skin concerns are in a specifically quantifiable manner, then Visia™ is for you.

What Specific Information will I receive from a Visia™ Complexion Analysis

The Visia™ analysis provides several comprehensive images to identify all aspects of your skins health both topically and below the surface.

How does facial analysis work?

Using standard white light, cross-polarized flash and UV photography to record and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions, the new RBX Technology provides extraordinary new visualization and analysis of sub-surface pigmentation and vascular conditions. As well, the 3D Viewing allows you to visualize the skin’s surface in three dimensions from any angle, rendered in natural skin tone.

What Does Visia™ Analyze?

The VisiaTM system enables specific numerical analysis of several key areas that effect complexion and appearance and this technical information is then summarized to allow us to create a comprehensive treatment plan to address your skins needs and monitor your results. Features that can be assessed and monitored include;

  • Wrinkles
  • Spots
  • Pores
  • Evenness of skin tone
  • Colour
  • Redness
  • Brown blotches
  • UV damage
  • Porphyrins (indicating bacteria in the skin)

What can a Visia™ Analysis do for me?

The professionally licensed staff at Skin MD and Beyond can identify skin problems on the skin surface as well as beneath the skin that contribute to your skin’s overall health and appearance. In addition, your skin is compared with the average for your age group, and you are given a numerical value for each of these areas.

How long do results take?

You can immediately see a color analysis of your skin on the screen where your specific problems lie. You will also be provided with a comprehensive and detailed skin report along with photos and recommendations of skin rejuvenation treatments and products.

What is the information used for?

With this detailed information, a personalized skin care plan and treatment program can be designed specifically for you. Our staff will prescribe specific treatments starting from internal health, (vitamins and supplementation) and then to skin care products and skin treatments.

The computer stores your details so that after a treatment series, you can then see and measure how you have improved. It can also show you how you will look if your skin ages further or if it becomes more youthful.

Why should I have a Visia™ Comprehensive Complexion Facial Analysis?

If you embark on any kind of skincare regime or treatment course without Visia™, then you could possibly be wasting your money on treatments and skincare you don’t need. Visia™ is an invaluable tool in measuring your skins vitality, in designing an individualized plan for you, and in measuring the effectiveness of treatments.FACIAL ANALYSIS

Results of facial analysis using visiatm

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