I highly recommend Skin MD & Beyond. Dr.Wright has a friendly bedside manner and an intelligent, professional approach.I am confident that she has, and will continue to address my concerns conservatively and honestly.I’m very happy with the results I see after Dr.Wright’s attention! Her staff is lovely and seem to be happy to represent Skin MD MD&Beyond. Kim F.

OK she did an AMAZING JOB!! I had a bunch of malia (milia?) on my face and two were HUGE! I thought surely these are going to scar or leave holes. I walked out of there looking insane awful and she assured me I would be fine. She cauterized them and THEY HEALED UP PERFECTLY in two days. If you need these cyst like zits removed she is AWESOME! Just make sure you have no where important to go for the next 24-48 hours as you will be a bit.. red. I can’t believe I didn’t get this done sooner… Geri R.

WOW!!!!…..STOP THE CLOCK and let’s put some years back on your FACE…My visit was on 18th Aug 2017….I’ve been dealing with under eye bags with dark circles for the past 10 years. Made an appointment for fillers few weeks back. Me being me of course I was nervous. I had a tired, worn down look, not getting enough sleep look..The Doctor immediately knew why I was there just by seeing the bags under my eyes. He began to educate me on fillers and the different brands. He also informed me that the fatty swollen tissue, under eye puffiness, and soarness, redness was due to my eyes not draining probably which was related to allergic conjunctivitis…he gave a prescription for that…..Ok, let’s go back to the fillers..after filler injection on right eye he showed me a comparison…..OMG….i was half way to heaven…lol….Omg..my heart begin to race rapidly with happiness and joy…..he went to my left eye….
..All I can say……I have Literally been in the mirror sense 5am this morning in amazement…..I’ve been rejuvenated, I’ve been restored..my eyes has been lifted….DID THIS PLACE DROP OUT OF HEAVEN….. Daniel

Dr. Wright – Thank you for doing what you do so well. You have expanded my sense of what a doctor can be. You have powerfully established my trust in you. Thank you. Malcolm

Dr. Wright – I just wanted to say “Thank you” for your time today. It was certainly a pleasure to meet you. You have a great personality and especially for someone who is very busy! I never felt rushed with you and you had some terrific ideas for my self improvement. Thanks again for taking the time! Lisa (fellow Canadian)

Dr. Wright,
I just wanted you to know – that I valued you as my doctor and counted you as a very good friend. I appreciated all that you have done for me and hopefully will visit again when I am in Texas. Sara

Dear Dr. Wright
I just wanted to write a short note to say how much I have trusted you over the past 3 years to take care of me and my family. Due to my husband’s new employment we will be moving. You will be very hard to replace and you will be much missed by us. Lynn

Dear Dr. Wright,
Just a brief note to let you know how much it means to me that you helped me with what truly mattered. The results are amazing! You are a beautiful lady with a spirit to match. Levi

Dear Dr. Wright.
It may not have seemed like a big deal to you, but it was to me. Thank you so much for making the extra effort to get me an appointment so quickly. I sincerely appreciate it. David

Dr. Wright – Special people like you who care for others with so much warmth and kindness make such a wonderful difference. I couldn’t been happier with all that you have done – I hope you know how very much you’re appreciated. Cathy

I never have had my lips filled out before and I am so thrilled with how perfectly natural it looks. I’m so thrilled, wishing it would stay this way forever! Also, the special spot of filler on my nose makes a huge difference. Once again, just SOO very pleased. I walked in thinking how ugly some parts of my face were and after being away for weeks since things deteriorated – and now immediately after the appointment, tremendous change and improvements have occurred!  So very thrilled, pleased and grateful for Dr. Tim’s skill and talent! Irene 

I’ve been coming here for at last 5 years, when in the area. Dr. Wright in one of only 2 people I trust with a needle of Botox or filler. She is competitively priced for the area. Plus, Dr. Wright won’t oversell you on procedures. She will tell you what she believes she can accomplish – and she has always delivered!I can’t wait until she gets back in town for my next appointment. PS – my mother is a patient, too…and my mom is not an easy woman to please when it comes to her face. Kudo’s to Dr. Wright!! Tracy

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX