Patient Safety and Policies

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At Skin MD and Beyond we take patient safety very seriously. We are committed to provide superior expertise to improve and enhance your skin and beauty. We enforce strict policies to ensure that you experience expert skin care and aesthetics in a pampering and respectful environment to make you feel at ease, comfortable and confident. We uphold strict ethical standards (see below) at Skin MD and Beyond, and we take as much pride in how we treat your skin as we do you.


  • Professional continuing education is maintained by all licensed professionals to ensure familiarity with current regulations, technology, and clinical practices.
  • We maintain full compliance with the Texas Medical Board Delegation Orders and all patients are personally evaluated by a physician prior to commencing any prescriptive treatment.
  • Routine inspection of physical facility and all machines/devices is completed in regards to ensuring patient safety and proper equipment performance parameters. This would include routine inspection and maintenance of clinical equipment and development of office emergency and patient and fire safety protocols.
  • We ensure that every patient has been given a full explanation of all procedures provided and consent forms are reviewed prior to treatment. All communications with the patient, verbal and written, will be recorded.
  • Standardization and consistency of processes within the practice are continuously maintained and updated. A Policies and Procedures Manual, with ongoing review and revision, is routinely performed to increase employee awareness and decrease the likelihood of untoward events and minimize opportunity for injury during delivery of care (eg, protective door signs and eyewear).
  • Accuracy of patient identification with the use of at least two patient identifiers, such as name and date of birth, when providing care, treatment, or services.
  • An accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date medical history including medications and allergy list is updated to ensure patient safety during each visit.
  • Compliance and recognition of the importance of infection control policies, procedures, and practices in a medical health care settings is strictly adhered to, in order to prevent disease transmission from patient to care provider, from care provider to patient, and from patient to patient.
  • We maintain full compliance with federal laws such as HIPAA to protect patients against misuse of information identifiable to them.
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