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PhotoFacial to create the perfect Complexion.

Are you still regretting the years of being a sun worshiper because it stares you in the face daily?! Are your age spots and facial veins making your skin look uneven and blotchy? Are you tired of being “red-faced”?  Do your areas of concern fail to improve with over the counter remedies? If you are exploring new ways to address any of the above, then Photofacial is your solution!

Photofacial is an Intense Pulse Light (IPL) therapy used to reduce skin imperfections such as sun damage, pregnancy mask and    pigmentation, red or brown acne scars, rosacea, skin flushing, and facial veins in a safe and effective way.  This Intense Pulse Light treatment is designed to combat the effects of aging skin with a gentle non-invasive approach to areas of concern on the face, neck, chest, and hands. Say goodbye to concealers!

Dr. Wright and her team of medical aestheticians perform a thorough patient evaluation to selectively  target your unique concerns and Dr. Wright will personally evaluate the initial IPL treatment. The individual attention that Dr. Wright gives each patient ensures consistent, predictable and excellent results.
Using our advanced IPL system, light energy is delivered through the skin, removing certain skin imperfections without disrupting the skin’s surface. IPL improves visible signs of facial aging and sun damage included pigment changes, coarse texture, spider veins, facial redness, and enlarged pores. A series of five photo facial treatments are given at 3-4 week intervals.  Treatments are quick with minimal discomfort, leaving you to return to work or resume normal activities immediately following treatment.

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Our photofacial provides fast and effective treatment for virtually any part of your body. It is used to treat uneven skin tone, diffuse  redness, or sun and age spots no matter where they are located. Treatment is very effective to remove brown spots, excessively ruddy  complexions and skin densely covered with freckles.

Do you have Uneven Pigmentation, Freckles and Age spots?How about Liver/age spots, sun damage and just an overall dull complexion?

Then photofacial to target the browns in the skin is for you. The IPL absorbs the pigments in the skin to reduce the discoloration and give you a smoother more even appearance.

Do you have Broken Capillaries, Veins, Red Acne Scars, Red Flushing Skin, Rosacea and/or all over Redness?

With photofacial we can also target the reds in the skin. With this series of    treatments fine lines and wrinkles are decreased and the redness, often associated with rosacea, can be dramatically reduced. Broken capillaries and facial veins can be diminished and you can stop worrying about your complexion.

Just think about never having to hide those brown spots and red patches again!  You will soon be receiving unsolicited comments from friends and family who want to know what you’ve done and what your skincare secret is! But, your treatments will be our little secret!

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Dr. Wright – I just wanted to say “Thank you” for your time today. It was certainly a pleasure to meet you. You have a great personality and especially for someone who is very busy! I never felt rushed with you and you had some terrific ideas for my self improvement. Thanks again for taking the time! Lisa

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