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Perhaps you want to tighten your post-pregnancy tummy…or your “love-handles” aren’t so lovely. When you’ve tried diet and exercise but still have fat and inches that you can’t lose…

Welcome to the HCG Diet… where you can lose the inches but not your age!

“A very common concern that my patients have when losing weight—is that they start to lose fat in their face and start to look too old! Many of us have experienced our friends saying to us “Don’t lose any more weight as you are starting to look old!  To solve this problem, we have introduced the HCG Diet to Skin MD and Beyond—where it only removes fat in your troubled areas—not your face!”   – Fiona Wright MD

Why should I choose SKIN MD and Beyond for my HCG Program?

Here at Skin MD and Beyond we offer a safe, effective medically supervised HCG program. We take the time to sit down with our patients and get to know them. We want to know what your goals are and what you expect from us. All of our patients have had successful results from the HCG diet and we want nothing but the most optimal results for you!

Unlike many clinics, Dr. Wright and our medical staff will ensure that the HCG program is your best option, or we will provide other options for you. We offer a safe, medically supervised approach as your program will be continuously monitored directly by our Registered Nurse and Dr. Wright. We do a comprehensive medical work up. Labs will be drawn and a thorough medical history will be reviewed. You will be able to check in daily with our nurse, once you start the diet. We understand that your life cannot be consumed by a diet and we will tailor a program to fit your individual needs and to make sure we are approaching this in the safest way possible.

HCG can be purchased over the Internet but you do not honestly know what you are receiving. Some of these products only contain normal saline! Skin MD and Beyond will always provide you with the prescription strength HCG, provided by accredited pharmacies. We ensure that you are getting the best product offered in the industry. We also offer an individualized setting. We work with you one on one where some clinics use the “group approach.” We want to make sure you feel comfortable and we like to focus our attention on one patient at a time.

What can the HCG Diet do for me?

“After 40 days I lost over 25 pounds and went back to the size I was on my Wedding Day!
The results were great! I’m on top of the world!” — patient of Skin MD and Beyond
Lisa. J, Sherman, TX

We feel that HCG is a great kick start to a healthy lifestyle change; it is not a quick fix. Together we can obtain the results you are looking for in a safe, professional environment. With your HCG program you will have your consultation and be monitored by our Registered Nurse and will be under the direct supervision of our medical doctor, Dr. Fiona Wright, who will monitor all steps of your program.

How Does the HCG Diet Work?

Your body produces 3 types of fat; 1) structural (protects vital organs and bones); 2) normal reserve (your body uses when nutritional intake is not adequate); and 3) abnormal fat (stubborn fat that is locked away, usually in abdomen or hips.).

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone is effective toremove the stubborn deeper fat that we all get frustrated with. HCG is naturally made in the body by the fetus during pregnancy. The injection of this hormone is used to pull out the abnormal fat and saturate the blood stream in order to fuel the body with needed calories. To pull the calories form unwanted fat, there is a 500 calorie diet that must be followed. I know what you are thinking; there is no way that I can survive on so few calories. Let me ease your mind, since the HCG is pulling the abnormal fat and making it readily available for the body to use as fuel, you do not need as many calories to satisfy you.

With our HCG program you will receive a comprehensive consultation to ensure that you are a proper candidate for the diet. Included in our HCG package you will receive required lab work, a manuscript of the HCG Diet protocol from “Pounds & Inches” from the creator of the HCG diet, a scale for measuring your food, daily food logs, one-on-one nursing instruction on how to administer your injections, the actual pharmaceutical grade HCG for you to inject along with syringes, recipes, and follow up appointments to ensure you are staying on track. We understand that you have a busy schedule so we will tailor our program to fit your needs while still making sure you aremonitored appropriately. After your HCG diet is complete, we offer a LifeStyle Maintenance Program to help you keep your results that you worked so hard for.


What to expect from your consultation…

During the initial consultation you will meet with our Registered Nurse who will educate you on the HCG medication, the protocol of the diet, how to phase in the various stages of the diet, and answer any questions that you may have. If you are completely sure that you want to start the HCG diet we will draw lab work the first day. Dr. Fiona Wright will personally review the consultation notes and laboratory results and make sure you are the right candidate for this program. The consultation and laboratory work have a nominal cost associated with the professional time required for your education and laboratory fees.

How will your progress be monitored…..

Once you start the program your will have follow-up appointments included in the price of the HCG Diet This will include an Instructional Appointment, several Maintenance Appointments, and a Final Review Appointment. At these sessions progress will be monitored, education will be provided and any issues that may arise will be taken care of. You will also have access to our Nurse’s Email where she will be able to answer any offsite questions that may arise on a daily basis.

If you are ready to take the first step in becoming the “NEW YOU” call and schedule a consultation! You have nothing to lose…except pounds!Weight Management - HCG DIETWeight Management - HCG DIETWeight Management - HCG DIETWeight Management - HCG DIETWeight Management - HCG DIET

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