ACNE and ACNE SCARS – Plano and Frisco TX

Almost everyone will experience acne at some point in their lives. For some, their face may be left with with depressed and discolored scars on their face, which seemed to get worse as they get older.

Skin MD and Beyond offers one of the most comprehensive acne treatment program available in Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex to treat both active acne and acne scarring. The combination of the best traditional medical treatments and cutting edge skin treatments with the latest technology delivers exceptionally effective acne treatment with fast results.

The goals of Dr. Wright’ s Acne Program are to target the causes of acne, clear up active acne, prevent further breakouts, eliminate any red or brown spots left from old acne papules, treat any residual scarring and to improve the overall appearance of your skin. To start your next step to a clear complexion and to learn more click here.

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