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With today’s technology, there’s no reason for you to walk around with pimples on your face or any other part of your body. Acne can be resolved completely or improved dramatically with many of the available treatments offered with the Comprehensive Acne Programs offered at Skin MD and Beyond.

Blu-U Light Therapy is a systemic drug-free treatment with no downtime, no pain, no irritation, no problems with the sun or physical activities, and no side effects.

Our Blu-U Light Therapy is one of the functional tools we use to clear acne for anyone at any age under most any circumstance. Blu-U Therapy is a LED treatment which stands for “Light Emitting Diode. In LEDs, a current is passed through small semi-conductors causing specific wavelengths of light to be emitted. Each different wavelength created can target different depths in the skin and will cause different treatment effects. The most well-known brand of LED phototherapy is Blu-U, where the blue light of LED targets porphyrins (which are the inflammatory products created by acne bacteria (P. Acnes)) – and destroys the bacteria and the acne! There is no downtime, no tissue damage and no side effects!


The Benefits of Blu-U Light Therapy for Acne

Blue Light Acne Treatment was the first medical device designed to significantly clear inflammatory acne lesions in less than four weeks – without side effects. It is a faster solution to clearing acne than traditional oral and topical medications alone. Traditional acne treatments have various side effects. Topical therapies often cause redness, irritation and/or peeling. Topical-only treatment can be effective in the management of mild acne but rarely have the desired results for those suffering from constant and persistent acne.

Oral antibiotic therapies may have even more side effects. Although not to be discounted and frequently helpful in combined treatment, typical oral antibiotics alone simply don’t “get the job done”. As ell, ongoing antibiotic use in women often results in imbalances that encourage yeast infections and requires self-monitoring of sun exposure.


Goals of the Blu-U Light Therapy

  • Destroy the bacteria that causes the acne
  • Prevent scarring
  • Reduce the number of painful lesions
  • Limit acne duration
  • Minimize psychological stress and embarrassment.
  • No blood test or antibiotic is necessary.

What is a Blu-U Light Therapy treatment Like?

First, you should arrive with clean skin. Makeup must be removed prior to treatment. Treatments are simple – you simply sit comfortably with your face close to the light for approximately 15 minutes, with protective goggles over your eyes. There is NO PAIN with Blu-U Light Therapy, no peeling, no irritation, no restriction from sun exposure and no one will even notice you have had a treatment. If you wear makeup, it can be reapplied directly following your treatment. Once the treatment is done, patients can return to their daily routine.

Blu-U Light Therapy is suitable for all body areas, including the large areas of the back and shoulders and the sensitive beard area.

When will I be Blemish-free?

Typical schedules for Blu-U Light Therapy are twice weekly for 8 weeks. Patients will appreciate a clearance of acne after their series of treatments are completed. Though the inflammation will be gone for the majority of patients at the end of the treatment series, you may experience a redness, where the inflamed blemish was located. This redness will dissipate in a short time.

It is important to remember that Blu-U Light Therapy treats only inflamed mild to moderate acne blemishes. Blu-U is not designed to clear cystic and/or nodular acne or comedones and will provide little or no clearing of these lesions. Skin MD and Beyond has a wide range of other effective treatments for more severe or resistant acne. For these latter patients, results are especially impressive when Blu-U Light Therapy is used in combination with Levulan PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT), Exfoliation Treatments such as Vitality Vitamin A Peel to clear the skin of the dead cell plugs and blackheads, or conventional treatments, such as topical creams and oral antibiotics.

Acne is not a medically “curable” condition, but it is one that can be controlled and managed. You may require maintenance Blu-U treatments to keep the clearing at an optimum level. During your consultation, Dr. Wright will be able to determine the best course of treatment for your type of acne, skin condition and skin sensitivities. This is in addition to our Fiona WRxIGHT MD Skincare at-home treatment program will have you acne free and smiling once again!





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