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Portrait of 50 year old woman looking at camera, lifting her forehead wrinkles with guidelines showing lifting directionShaping the Eyebrow isn’t just about trimming, waxing or tweezing, it’s about creating a look. A style. A feeling. It’s about Creating Beauty. Through various techniques of tweezing, waxing, threading and brushing we can achieve eyebrows so they’ll resemble those of Angelina Jolie, Beyoncè, Aniston and a number of other celebrities. Shaping the eyebrows enables anyone to instantly improve and update their look. Dramatically Defined Brows frame the face and enhance your facial symmetry to bring out your youthful look.

Our SIGNATURE BROW DESIGN creates a lift without surgery to accentuate the brow and highlight your eyes. It is used to also enhance the shape of your eyes and create a tidy, polished appearance. This treatment is quick, simple and less painful than doing it yourself. For those who are long-sighted, it is the ideal solution. Depending on the rate of your hair growth you will need to repeat this treatment every 2-4 weeks. At The Brow & Eye Lash Beauty Bar, we can provide a total re-shape or a brow clean up.


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What is brow contouring?

Our eyebrows provide accent and definition to the face. They frame the face, emphasize the eyes, and provide an accent to our expressions. They give our face symmetry.

Brow contouring at Skin MD and Beyond use various methods to make your eyebrows fuller and more defined. Using different shades of product, we sculpt perfectly angled, dimensional eyebrows.

What is the difference between a brow lift and brow contouring?

These are completely different. A brow lift is a surgical procedure that targets sagging brows and forehead lines. These surgeries elevate the underlying support structure of the brows to alleviate a perpetually tired or even angry look created by descending brows. Brow lifts are typically done using endoscopic methods, so they are not as invasive as they once were, but they are still surgery.

At Skin M.D. and Beyond we offer what we call a “mini eyebrow lift” using Botox or Dysport, different facial fillers, and a radiofrequency energy skin-tightening treatment known as ThermiSmooth. But unlike a surgical brow lift, these treatments are not permanent.

Brow contouring is really a makeup treatment. It uses a combination of stray hair removal and sophisticated shading effects to create awesome eyebrows.

What are the benefits of brow contouring at Skin MD?

Young beautiful healthy woman over white backgroundWant to have great eyebrows that help define your eyes and your overall face? That’s what our brow contouring at Skin MD and Beyond does, and you don’t have to lift a finger. If you’ve read about brow contouring in a beauty magazine, you may assume brow contouring is the easiest thing in the world. Not so much. The technique counts for dazzling results. That’s what our brow contouring services provide.

Who is a good candidate for brow contouring?

Brow contouring is perfect if you’re seeking to create a fuller brow or if you’re looking to add some definition to straighter brows. They’re also perfect treatments ahead of a big event.

Are there any risks with brow contouring?

There aren’t any incisions or the like with brow contouring, only some minor hair removal through threading, waxing, or tweezing. Then we cosmetically fill your eyebrows to make them perfect.

There aren’t any risks involved. If you’re highly allergic to any types of makeup, we should hear about that prior to your session and then we can discuss possible products that could be a problem for you. Otherwise, these are completely non-invasive, simple cosmetic treatments.

Is Brow Contouring painful?

The only discomfort is the same minor discomfort you’ve felt any time you pluck or wax an unwanted hair or two. These are really professional makeup applications with the goal of giving you perfect eyebrows.  

How is brow contouring done?

For our brow contouring treatments, we may use a variety of tools, such as waxing, threading, tweezing, and brushing. Then we’ll use different shades of product to create eyebrows that deserve a star on the Walk of Fame.

This is the general way we do it.

After removing any strays out on the perimeter, we first use brow powder to outline your eyebrows in the shape you’ve told us you want. Next, we fill in the center of your eyebrows with a heavier color. From there, we use a darker color on the outer ends of your eyebrows and blend it back toward the middle, elevating just a bit. The final step is to add a highlighter to the top and bottom borders.

What are the different types of brow contouring?

Brow contouring can often involve several separate techniques or a mix of a few. Between shaving, waxing, and plucking brow hairs to dyeing them, laminating them, and shaping them, the look of your entire face can be altered for the better. Depending on your face shape, the size of your forehead, and other factors, such as where your eyes sit on your face, the technique used for your brow contouring will be specifically customized to fit your aesthetic goals.

How often do I need to have brow contouring done?

As with any application of makeup, it’s only as good as the next shower or two. We recommend our brow contouring treatments before you have an important event, rather than an ongoing series. Still, if you’d rather have a professional handle your brows, there isn’t any limit as to how often you can have our team at Skin M.D. give you perfect, glamourous eyebrows.

How long will my brows stay gorgeous?

Eyebrows Shaping. Portrait Of Sexy Young Girl With Brow Pencil. Closeup Of Beautiful Glamourous Woman With Professional Makeup Contouring Brows With Eyebrow Pencil. Beauty Concept. High ResolutionAfter we do the threading or waxing, the rest of our brow contouring treatments involve applying the product. As you know all too well, this is a fleeting result, gone the next shower you take, or when you clean your skin before heading to bed. Your brow shape will be perfect, but you’ll need to touch up things to maintain the dramatic hues.

Brow contouring at Skin MD is a great treatment to have before a party, big work event, or other occasions when you simply need to look your finest. Or, you can come in every 2 to 4 weeks, and we can give you a brow clean-up to keep everything looking great.

What can I personally do to keep my eyebrows looking good?

The secret to maintaining your perfect eyebrows is to understand what we’re doing, at least to some degree. Of course, you’re not going to create exactly the same effect, but if you want to extend your brow contouring, this is how to do so:

  1. Use brow powder to outline the shape you want for your eyebrows.
  2. Use a darker shade (either pencil or powder) and fill in the center of your brow. This color should be a bit heavier than the rest of your brows.
  3. Use this darker shade of brow product and apply it to the outer ends of the brows. Blend this inward and upward so you don’t notice the transition.
  4. Apply concealer or highlighter to the top and bottom borders of your brow and blend it in. This gives your eyebrows a feeling of depth.

That’s it. Sure, it’s not as easy as that list sounds, but those are the basics. You’ll also remove the stray hairs, but be sure to avoid plucking your actual eyebrows very much, as that can lead to decreasing hair growth down the road.

Are there any specific products that I should have to help keep my brows contoured?

As mentioned above, you’ll want these products:

  • Darker eyebrow powder for the outline
  • A darker shade of eyebrow pencil or powder to fill the center of your eyebrows. You can also use this darker shade for the outer ends of the brows.
  • Concealer or highlighter for the borders to make everything blend together

You can also use various products to coat your perfect eyebrows. These gel-like mousses boost volume, as well as keep the other powders and pencil work in place.

Once you have us perform your brow contouring, we’re happy to give you secrets to up your home game!

What is the newest technique for brow contouring?

The newest technique for brow contouring is brow lamination. Also known as the “eyebrow perm,” this procedure can bring shine to your brows and keep them perfectly in place for up to six weeks. By carefully shaping and contouring the brows before laminating them, their shape will hold to fit each patient’s face perfectly for the next month.

What are the most popular eyebrow trends for 2023?

New eyebrow trends on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube have taken beauty and makeup influencers online by storm. Some of these popular trends include:

Soap Brow: Brushing up the brow hairs for a seamless, “fluffy” look. Soap tends to hold these hairs in place.

Natural Brow: Rather than using an eyebrow pencil, some people have been using fine-tip pens that mimic the look of brow hairs to create a natural-looking eyebrow in empty spaces of their brow.

What is the most permanent eyebrow contouring technique?

The most permanent solution for brow contouring does not involve plucking or waxing but rather tattooing. By using a very fine needle, permanent makeup offers patients the opportunity to contour their brows and have it last forever. The risk with this technique is that you will have to commit to one singular look for your brows for the rest of your life. While these results can be permanent, it may not be the perfect choice if you are someone who likes to experiment with different styles of makeup or change the shape of your brows over time.

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