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Say Goodbye to That Double Chin!

It’s never a good time to realize you have a double chin. But there it is, one day as you look in the mirror. When did that get there? Thankfully, though, there’s a treatment that allows you to get rid of that little extra fat pocket under your skin, and it’s completely knife-free. Keep reading […]

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How Do I Treat Brown Spots?

Summer is finally gone, but those sunspots are still hanging around on the skin. For many of us, brown spots on the skin are unwelcome little reminders of how much time we’ve spent in the sun. They ruin our complexion and even tell our age before we say a word. If you’re ready to see […]

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Microneedling FAQs

When it comes to improving the skin’s appearance, we have a lot of options to choose from. There are are so many treatments designed to target the skin and make it look more youthful and glowing. But, sometimes our patients have sensitive skin or are looking for specific results. If some of your concern areas […]

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Why Is My Skin Suddenly Sensitive?

There are some days where you may just wake up to worse skin than the day before. Who are we kidding? It’s surely happened to all of us, whether we found a new pimple, a new wrinkle, or just skin that turned dry and flakey overnight. Keep reading for a few suggestions when your skin […]

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Dermal Fillers: For Faces and Hands

Even if we’ve taken great care of our face–washing gently, using all of the best creams and anti-aging treatments–something else can easily give away our age. Did you know that our hands get more sun than any other part of our bodies? Our hands are exposed to the elements almost all of the time and, […]

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DIY Sunburn Remedies While You’re Vacationing

It’s easy to fall out of your normal rhythm when you’re on vacation. Checking email gets harder to do, hitting the gym is less instinctive, and forgetting to reapply sunscreen throughout the day is easier when there’s a beach volleyball game to win. But just because you’re spending more time in the sun doesn’t mean […]

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Are You Eating for Skin Health?

“Good skin” means pretty much the same thing to everyone: even skin tone, minimal wrinkles, and little to no acne. Whether you’re worried about one skin issue or all of them, it’s likely that you’ve heard a lot of different opinions about what skin needs. Some beauty gurus swear by the exfoliating powers of weekly […]

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Which Type of Sunscreen Works Best?

With the heat of summer, we’re all outside more. We’re by the pool, hiking, gardening, and traveling. But one thing that so many of us forget is actually crucial to keeping the results of your favorite products and treatments as optimal as possible. Consider this: you buy an amazing serum that helps fade hyperpigmentation, and […]

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The Best Botox

There’s a lot of information about Botox out there. From images of Hollywood stars with bad Botox to friends who love theirs, the wealth of information can be overwhelming! If you’re looking into Botox for the first time, it might be hard to pick a place to start. Thankfully, we’ve created a quick cheat sheet […]

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