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Sport woman armpit sweating.

Can Botox injections be used for sweating?

Do you find that you sweat more than others? Do you find that perspiration cannot be managed effectively with antiperspirants and deodorant? Are you finding yourself ruining clothes due to excessive sweating? If you experience the embarrassment and stress of excessive sweating, you know how much this condition can impact your day-to-day life—and self-confidence. Patients […]

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Excessive underarm sweat

Using Botox as a solution for patients with excessive sweating

During the heat of summer, many patients are trying to find ways to cut perspiration that leads to stained or discolored clothing—and embarrassment!  Dr. Fiona Wright and her team at Skin M.D. and Beyond is dedicated to helping patients find solutions for excessive sweating. Patients with chronic sweating of the underarms may find that over-the-counter […]

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BOTOX – Plano and Frisco TX

Finding The Best Botox Provider

While driving around or browsing online, you might stumble upon a sign for Botox treatments. Oh, they’re doing a special. Though you may be tempted, don’t fall for a quick deal. Just because a provider is offering a special sale or deal on Botox, it doesn’t mean that you’ll love the results. That’s because Botox […]

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Botox lano and Frisco TX

The Best Botox

There’s a lot of information about Botox out there. From images of Hollywood stars with bad Botox to friends who love theirs, the wealth of information can be overwhelming! If you’re looking into Botox for the first time, it might be hard to pick a place to start. Thankfully, we’ve created a quick cheat sheet […]

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