Can Botox injections be used for sweating?

Sport woman armpit sweating. Do you find that you sweat more than others? Do you find that perspiration cannot be managed effectively with antiperspirants and deodorant? Are you finding yourself ruining clothes due to excessive sweating? If you experience the embarrassment and stress of excessive sweating, you know how much this condition can impact your day-to-day life—and self-confidence. Patients who excessively sweat are often educated on and diagnosed with a condition called hyperhidrosis. This is excessive sweating under the arms that can be difficult to manage with over-the-counter underarm products. When patients are bothered by this condition, they are urged to talk to Dr. Fiona Wright of Skin MD and Beyond to ask about Botox injections to control the sweating.

How does Botox work to reduce sweating?

Botox is a neuromodulator that is more commonly known as an anti-aging solution for patients who want to address fine lines and wrinkles of the face. However, Botox has been used for years in many other areas of medicine. Botox injections work by reducing the production of sweat in the sweat glands that have been injected. The results of Botox injections in terms of reducing excessive sweating will last several months before patients need further injections to maintain control.

What are the benefits of Botox for excessive perspiration?

The primary benefit seen by patients is a significant reduction in sweat. This, in turn, can provide patients with improved confidence, removing the embarrassment that often comes with staining through clothes. Patients will also find that they can wear different colors of fabrics and different fabric types without feeling self-conscious about sweating under the arms. This can improve one’s work performance, including their personal and business relationships with others.

Treat hyperhidrosis today to improve your self-confidence

Men and women who have struggled with hyperhidrosis and have been unable to find a treatment that works for them are often excited to learn about Botox injections for excessive sweating. Plano, TX patients are welcome to call Dr. Fiona Wright and her team at Skin MD and Beyond at (972) 608-0808. The office is located at 6517 Preston Road and accepts new patients.

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