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If you have sensitive skin that flushes way too easily, reacts to everything, a complexion that is “red-faced” or you have visible blood vessels scattered throughout your cheeks and chin – then read on to discover the best ways to rebalance and rejuvenate your skin back to its earlier days!

The causes of red skin can be a mystery for some. The most common causes for adults are

  1. Rosacea
  2. Sun-damage
  3. Eczema and
  4. Sensitive/Sensitized Skin.


Rosacea is a very common skin concern, particularly in women with lighter skin types. It is characterized by an excessive amount of redness in the skin, due to dilated blood vessels and traditionally it is a problem for those with sensitive skin and cannot tolerate regular anti-aging products or anything with harsh chemicals. (see section on Rosacea for a complete description).

Sun-Damage is a common problem in Texas and our faces show the most damage. With continuous sun exposure and lack of SPF sun protection, many people will notice unsightly telangiectasia (small threadlike blood vessels) that are harmless but can create a burning or stinging sensation and will make the skin quite sensitive. (see section on Sun Damaged Skin for a complete description)

Eczema has become two or three times more common in recent decades. It is more common in children and usually resolves before adolescence, but 2 to 10 percent of adults suffer with eczema lifelong. Eczema usually presents with dry skin that can become red, and will have scaly patches that can be quite itchy. The skin of people with eczema seems to be sensitive to many substances, including wool fabrics, laundry detergent residues, and certain cosmetic. (see section on Eczema for a complete description)

Sensitive/ Sensitized Skin is triggered by external factors (pollution in the air, chemicals in our water,
aggressive weather conditions, cosmetic ingredients and poor diet) that results in the breakdown of our skin’s protective barrier. As a result, facial skin becomes dehydrated and red – and looks very similar to the three previous mentioned conditions. Is your skin sensitive or sensitized? Having truly sensitive skin is in your DNA and is a genetic predisposition where the skin is thin and blood vessels are close to the surface. A person with sensitive skin is prone to asthma and allergies, and eczema. Sensitized skin is not a type but a condition brought on by environmental triggers like pollutants and chemicals in the atmosphere, and from irritants found in many cosmetics and skin products, from harsh scrubs, and from improper cleansing habits at home. Sensitized Skin is in fact a growing concern and is becoming a common reason why patients are seeking help for their skin care concerns. It can affect any age or race, and any skin type, from dry skin to acne. (see section on Sensitive/Sensitized Skin for a complete description)

Skin Care

When treating sensitive and red skin it is important to avoid skin care products with chemical preservatives. Using more effective organic skincare products or products specifically formulated for sensitive and red skin can help greatly to calm and protect your skin against synthetic irritants. With our Fiona WRxIGHT MD Skincare we have created a specific skincare kit for rosacea and sensitive skin. To learn more about each product read on – or to purchase a trial sample or full skincare kit shop at to improve your complexion today!

Rosacea / Sensitive Skincare Kit; Designed to clarify, correct and protect your skin from the inflammation found in rosacea and sensitive skin, this system is ideal for skin rejuvenation and will aid in tissue repair. Includes:

Purifying Cleansing Mousse; A lightweight cleansing mousse ideal for all skin types. Featuring Mandelic Acid, it is designed to rid pores of debris, oil and bacteria without the irritation. Blended with Antioxidant Botanicals, this cleanser clarifies and makes an excellent choice for acne and rosacea skin concerns, as well as photo-aged and sensitive skin.

Purifying Citrus Cleanser; Fortified with Anti-oxidants, it will effectively help reduce aging, environmental damage and tissue breakdown, while Green Tea also provide a powerful combination of plant derived agents to support the hormonal stresses that women face on a daily basis. This light weight cleanser will leave your skin refreshed and radiant.

Zinc-Aid Toner; Clinical studies have shown that the healing properties of St. John’s Wort extract is extremely effective in reducing and healing scar damage caused by acne and inflammation. Zinc-Aid Toner is ideal for skin rejuvenation as Niacinamide helps reduces pigmentation and Neroli stimulates new tissue growth.

Rehydration Complex with Vitamin C ; The powerful blend of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera creates a gel-based formula which applies evenly, leaves no oily residue, and provides extra-healing capabilities and intense hydration. It works well under make-up and is ideal for those in humid climates, oily skin, or complexions that show afternoon shine.

Clear Skin Repair Cream; Niacinamide provides calming benefits to repair acne and pigmentation, while Aspen bark extract offers a natural infusion of salicylic acid (salyclin) which has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, calming, and healing properties. The perfect addition to your anti-acne and oily skin care routine, for revitalizing and visible results….clear skin.

As the sun is a strong trigger for Rosacea, an effective non-irritating sunscreen (minimum SPF 30) used daily is very important. Due to the sensitive nature of the skin, a chemical sunscreen should be avoided and instead use a physical sunblock (using zinc and titanium oxide). Two very popular sunscreens with our patients are Matte Finish Oil-Free SPF 30 and SPF 30 Sun Shield (100% certified organic).

PhotoFacial – IPL

Skin redness, tiny veins, red and brown blotches develop on the skin as a result of aging, sun exposure, and sun damage. Removal of these blotches and irregularities gives a more youthful appearance to the skin and can be achieved by PhotoFacial – IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology.

PhotoFacial is the “Go-To” treatment to correct the facial redness associated with rosacea, sun exposure and skin damage. PhotoFacial helps by two actions – first, the red facial veins absorb the light energy, which damages and dissolves the vessels away, improving your appearance. Secondly, the light energy warms the collagen fibers in the skin which stimulates new collagen and collagen remodelling, and this improves the support of the small blood vessels which helps to delay the development of new facial veins and redness.

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