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men procedures

Yes, we treat men too! And lots of them.

Skin MD and Beyond understands the desire to retain a rested and youthful look in today’s competitive and demanding world and understands the needs and lifestyle of today’s highly visual males. Improved confidence is crucial in personal dealings with others and Dr. Wright’s treatments for men focus on creating a more rested, youthful and confident version of each of our patients- improving their personal and professional lives.

Men want the same results that women want in terms of reducing signs of aging and sun damage, minimizing wrinkles, improving tone and texture, and body sculpting. In Texas, in general, male skin is more sun-damaged than female skin. So, all of the treatments that are used for rejuvenation of the female face can also benefit men too! However, with the male face, it is important to maintain a masculine appearance, and the staff at Skin MD and Beyond have excelled in this skill and artistry and we know how to best customize men’s treatments to help you achieve your goals.

men procedures

What Treatments are available for Men?

Many of our popular skin rejuvenation treatments are also enjoyed by men. Men tend to have stronger facial muscles and will develop lines and wrinkles earlier than women. Therefore the effect of reducing these wrinkles with Botox / Dysport and Facial Fillers in men is usually more profound. As well, in many cases, men also respond better to laser treatments because male skin is more resilient. Therefore, there is generally a greater scope for improvement in treating men with skin rejuvenation lasers.

Skin MD and Beyond has many treatments available to solve the individual facial and body concerns for all male skin types. If you’re not sure what treatment is right for you, then you can rest easy – as your personal consultation will enable us to get to know you and work out a treatment plan that suits you best.

Popular Treatments for Men include;


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