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Botox lano and Frisco TXThere’s a lot of information about Botox out there. From images of Hollywood stars with bad Botox to friends who love theirs, the wealth of information can be overwhelming! If you’re looking into Botox for the first time, it might be hard to pick a place to start. Thankfully, we’ve created a quick cheat sheet to help you identify the most important aspects of Botox.

Botox: What Is it?

Botox is a series of injections of a substance that prevents muscles from contracting. Because muscles aren’t able to move, they are unable to affect wrinkles that have arisen just above them on the skin. The Botox sits in the muscle and blocks nerves from sending signals to the muscles, so they don’t contract when they normally would. Your skin stays smooth whereas you would normally have wrinkles. Botox is administered by a professional in an outpatient situation. No surgery or downtime is necessary. Many people get Botox on a lunch break and go right back to work without any issue!

How Long Will It Last?

Expect your Botox to last between four to six months, though it may not last as long if you’re a very active person. If you’re looking for the best results for a certain date, make sure to tell your provider. Generally, the best Botox effects are seen around two weeks after your procedure, so plan ahead!

What Does it Feel Like?

The process of getting Botox is quite quick and fairly simple (when performed correctly by a physician). You might feel a slick prick, but that’s about it!

Are there Side Effects?

At first, you might have a little swelling or bruising that should resolve quickly. Imagine getting a shot from your general practitioner: reactions might be similar. If Botox is not correctly injected, then you might experience side effects like unintended muscles being affected.

What if I Don’t Like It?

Botox might not be for you, but if you don’t like it, there’s no reversal. You’ll just have to wait for it to wear off, which might take months. If you’re not sure about Botox, you can always start with a little and see what you think before you go back for more areas to be treated.

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