Which Type of Sunscreen Works Best?

Skin Care Products Frisco, TXWith the heat of summer, we’re all outside more. We’re by the pool, hiking, gardening, and traveling. But one thing that so many of us forget is actually crucial to keeping the results of your favorite products and treatments as optimal as possible.

Consider this: you buy an amazing serum that helps fade hyperpigmentation, and you come in for a series of chemical peels to help kickstart your transformation. If you go outside without sunscreen, you’re going to undo all of that work you’ve just done (not to mention all that hard-earned money you’ve spent). We think that wearing sunscreen everyday is the perfect way to value your beautiful skin and prolong the investment you’ve put into having great skin. If you’re interested in learning more about chemical UV filters, keep reading!


There are so many chemical sunscreens on the market, that it’s very difficult to name them all here. Just know that if the active ingredients in your sunscreen are anything other than Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide, then you’re looking at a chemical sunscreen. These are made from chemicals that bounce or absorb UV rays, protecting your skin from UV damage. Most of the time, chemical sunscreens feel lighter, less chalky, and absorb quicker.

A huge benefit of chemical sunscreens is that they don’t leave that well-known white cast that physical sunscreens can have.


Certain chemical filters have been linked to sunscreen allergies, or irritation from sunscreen. This is usually do to some chemicals’ photo-instability, or changes they go through when exposed to sunlight. Some ingredients undergo a chemical reaction in the sun and may end up causing allergies or irritation. If you’ve found your skin doesn’t seem to agree with your sunscreen, you might want to try a formula with only physical sunscreen filters for a little while.

Other chemical ingredients are linked to environmental problems and are unsafe for certain wildlife. One very famous case is that of Hawaii, where the local government recently banned the sale of certain sunscreen ingredients due to damage of coral reefs.

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