Why Is My Skin Suddenly Sensitive?

DRY SKIN Plano and Frisco TXThere are some days where you may just wake up to worse skin than the day before. Who are we kidding? It’s surely happened to all of us, whether we found a new pimple, a new wrinkle, or just skin that turned dry and flakey overnight. Keep reading for a few suggestions when your skin is red, dry, or flakey all of a sudden.

First, try not to panic. Nobody likes to wake up to skin that is red and angry, but staying calm will help you avoid doing more harm. Take some time to think about what you may have recently tried on your skin. Did you just buy a new cleanser? Moisturizer? Have you been trying new at-home treatments like chemical peels or sheet masks? You might be allergic or sensitive to an ingredient that just appeared in your skincare, so making sure to introduce new products slowly can help prevent confusion about what your skin doesn’t like. Knowing what caused the problem is often very comforting, at least because you know what to avoid!

If you’re not sure what you used that could have caused your red or newly sensitive skin, try taking a break from a few products. Paring down to the essentials (a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer) for a little while can help your skin rest. This is especially true if you’re constantly swapping out products and trying new things. If you’ve been using active ingredients like acides or retinoids, they could have caused a reaction.

If you’re still stumped, call in the professionals. We’re here to help you get to the heart of the problem. Try to bring in photos of what you experienced, just in case it changes by the time we see you. Also, write down what you’ve done with your skin over the last few days. If you’re allergic to an ingredient, it might take a few products or instances of angry skin to make that connection, but having a paper trail can help connect the dots faster.

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