What should I do if I have moles?

MolesMoles are areas of excess pigmentation that are often present at birth. In most cases, these moles are benign and their appearance is just cosmetic. However, conditions such as skin cancer can be found due to changes in these moles over time. Skin cancer is a scary diagnosis, but with proper prevention and screening, many patients can avoid development.

Are moles a sign of cancer?

The presence of moles themselves do not indicate cancer. Certain changes that could occur to the mole, however, can be indicative of cancerous cells present. This is why patients who have moles should have annual screenings with the professionals of Skin MD and Beyond in Plano, TX. When the mole changes in shape, size, color, or symmetry, it is critical that patients have the mole evaluated by a skin care professional. Dr. Fiona Wright and her team will monitor the changes that occur to moles and other skin growths on the body to spot skin cancer in the earliest stages. If a mole has changed in a way that may be a sign of cancer, she will take a biopsy of the mole and send it to a laboratory for further evaluation. If the area is cancerous, patients then discuss with their doctor the next course of action needed.

Why should I have an annual screening for skin cancer?

Skin cancer is one of the very few cancers that can be spotted with the eyes. Not all cancers can be caught in earlier stages without screenings. Patients who have several moles on the body are urged to have annual screenings which allow Dr. Fiona Wright to chart any changes that occur. Some of the changes to a mole could be minor enough that many patients don’t think anything of it. With a routine screening, the doctor of Skin MD and Beyond can catch these changes and seek action sooner rather than later.

Interested in an evaluation for skin cancer?

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