Say Goodbye to That Double Chin!

KYBELLA Plano and Frisco TXIt’s never a good time to realize you have a double chin. But there it is, one day as you look in the mirror. When did that get there?

Thankfully, though, there’s a treatment that allows you to get rid of that little extra fat pocket under your skin, and it’s completely knife-free. Keep reading to learn about Kybella, and how it can help transform your face.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a drug designed to treat “submental fat” or the fat under your chin. It dissolves fat cells without surgery, and there’s little downtime and very little risk. What makes it so amazing? You can get rid of that double chin with a series of injections, instead of an invasive procedure.

Who is a good candidate?

If you eat well and exercise, yet still cannot shake that double-chin, then Kybella might be a great fit for you. Also, if you have a genetic predisposition towards a double-chin, or simply do not like the fat under your chin, then you may be a good candidate for Kybella.

The Procedure

The Kybella procedure is as straightforward as a series of injections. These injections are given across the chin area in a short appointment. The solution then goes to work, breaking down the fat cells that have been camping too long under your chin. Your body breaks them down and gets rid of them with other wastes through your lymph system.

How until I see results

After your first treatment, some people have swelling that peaks around 24 hours after your injections have been administered. The swelling may last a couple days or a couple weeks, depending on the individual and how many injections your specific situation called for.

The swelling is a side effect that means that the solution is working, breaking down fat cells. The best results may take a few months to fully show.

How many treatments are suggested?

Multiple visits may be required to see the best results. Overall, expect at least two treatments to see the best results from your Kybella, though you may be recommended to come back for more.

Let’s get rid of that double-chin! Call us today at (972) 608-0808 to schedule a consultation.

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