Trends in Facial Plastic Surgery: Fillers On the Rise

Fillers Plano and Frisco TXBeauty treatments look very different now from what they used to. And we love learning about new trends and technologies, because that means we have better options to offer you. If you’re interested in beautifying treatments without the downtime, then you’ll be very interested in some of the new trends in beauty.

Beauty trends are getting better at accommodating busy schedules. Gone are the days where everyone had weeks to spend recovering at home. In fact, many patients who want the same amazing results from invasive surgeries are finding that fillers and less-invasive treatments can offer those results. Keep reading to learn about fillers and other trends that are coming up in the beauty industry.

Lunchtime Treatments

Don’t have vacation time to waste staying at home to recover from a rhinoplasty or other invasive treatment? We hear you. Finding the vacation time can be hard, especially if you want to actually take a vacation at some point. But fillers are here to the rescue. You can have your treatments and keep your vacation time. Fillers can be used to mimic the results of some rhinoplasty needs, as well as plumping lips or sculpting high cheekbones. Even better, you can get back to work and show off that gorgeous new chin even sooner.

Fillers have grown in popularity not only because they’re quick, they’re also very effective. New fillers allow more options so your results are better-looking than ever. More firm fillers are best used for chins and cheeks, while softer fillers are perfect for mimicking the texture of lips. No more awkward results!

Younger Patients

Social media is changing the world and we’re changing the way we see ourselves, too. Selfies allow us to show off our best selves doing what we love, and looking how we want to: younger patients are noticing and making decisions. Why not adjust the annoying tip of the nose now? It’s all about enjoying life now.

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