Don’t Become the Bag Lady: How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

Life is tiring. Whether you spend your days taking care of a family or working, you know just how valuable and infrequent sleep can be— leaving you looking and feeling haggard. If you have dark circles under your eyes that just can’t seem to go away with even a good night’s sleep, you may need to try to get rid of them from the inside out. From skin care to laser resurfacing, this article will list a few ways you can do so. Read on to learn more.


One of the best-kept secrets in the beauty industry is good skincare. As the first step you should take in trying to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes, skincare can help treat dehydration and hyperpigmentation— two things that contribute to the darkness under your eyes. If you don’t notice results from skin care alone, then it’s time to explore other options.


Fillers like Restylane are made up of a naturally found compound in your body: hyaluronic acid. Once injected into the skin under your eyes, fillers work to get rid of that sallow appearance that dark circles create— making you look more rejuvenated than ever.

Laser and Light Treatments

Both ResurFX and Intense Pulse Light are treatments that can be used to target the dark circles under your eyes. Depending on the severity of your circles and your skin type, Dr. Fiona Wright may encourage you to choose one of these options over the other.

  • ResurFX: This laser resurfacing treatment works to tighten loose skin and reduce troughs. Additionally, ResurFX increases collagen production and the overall appearance of your skin.
  • IPL: Intense Pulse Light, or IPL, is primarily used to treat things like hyperpigmentation. By targeting the dark colors under the eyes and absorbing it, intense pulse light will effectively improve your dark circles.

Having dark circles under your eyes is one of the fastest ways to make you look exhausted. Luckily, by using skin care, fillers, and laser and light treatments from Dr. Fiona Wright, you can look more rejuvenated than ever. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Fiona Wright today.


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