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Get Those Kylie Jenner Lips: The Art of Injectables

Kylie Jenner made headlines a few years ago when she started sporting a much fuller and sexier pair of lips. However, after months of denial, she led people to think that lip liner and lipstick were the contributors to her plumper smile. She even led people to believe that you could suck on a bottle […]

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Restylane SILK Collage

Introducing a Better Way to get Beautifully Defined and SILKY Full Lips!

Due to the tremendous worldwide success with Restylane and Restylane Lyft (formerly Perlane), the manufacturer recently introduced a new product – Restylane SILK. Restylane Silk is the first filler designed specifically for your lips and even more, the fine lines and smoker’s lines around them. It was approved at the end of 2014 by the FDA […]

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Make Dry, Cracked Lips into Smooth Kissable Lips

They don’t call them Lizard Lips for nothing! There’s nothing sexy about having dry, cracked lips underneath that lovely lipstick. With winter upon us, many people have to deal with lips that are dry, cracked, and in some cases, it can even be painful. A simple, at-home, remedy can help cure the uncomfortable “winter lips” […]

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The Path to Lush Lips Begins Here!

Pucker up and enjoy kissable lips on Valentine’s Day and all year long! Lips can tell all, especially your age. For most of us that includes thinning lips and wrinkles around the mouth and lips. So, don’t wait any longer and redefine your lips to create a fuller and more sensuous look, with RESTYLANE or […]

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How to Make your Lips Fuller

Want fuller-looking lips? For a non-medical method- try a lip gloss or go several shades darker with your lipstick. Rich red shades make lips look fuller than neutral ones. There are several other options you can do depending on the amount of fullness you want with your lips.  Dr. Wright’s Tip For “plump” lips you […]

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Permanent Makeup for Lips

Would you like to wake up and already have color on your lips? Permanent makeup is a great way to add color- whether it’s a natural color or a vibrant color. Dr. Wright’s Tip Wake-up with color! With permanent makeup for your lips- you can choose the color you want. If you want to go […]

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How to Have Sexy Moist Lips through the Winter Season

Soft, moist full lips are hard to acquire during colder climates. We tend to see more dry skin and chapped lips in the winter because the air is dryer, the humidity is down and it’s cold outside. Dry, cracked skin is more than just painful it’s unattractive. It is hard to apply lipsticks and lip […]

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