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Get the Long Full Lashes You Desire with Latisse

What is it about long lashes that women have been coveting for as long as mankind has existed? Like thick full hair, long thick lashes scream youth and beauty. Women have been achieving the look with faux eyelashes bought from the beauty store as well as the latest craze of eyelash extensions. But what if […]

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To Mineral Makeup or Not to Mineral Makeup? That is the question.

Mineral makeup has been a top choice for many women who desire an even coverage as well as the claim of being “more natural”. While mineral makeup was introduced to the market in the mid 70’s, there are many advantages and disadvantages on using mineral powder-based makeup. Read on to find out if mineral makeup […]

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Previa Summer Eye Shadow Trends for 2014

Every season, Previa Cosmetics looks for the latest colors sweeping the fashion runways. This Summer, bright hues are still showing up and bold eyeliners are still all the rage. Check out this season’s looks!   Purple/Lilac– This hue looks great on any color of eyes. Try a light lilac color for lighter eyes and a […]

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It’s Valentine’s Day- so get out your Sexy Make-Up!

So you have a hot date for Valentine’s Day? You want to make an impression and knock his socks off? Here are a few easy tips to maximize your lovely visage! Show Off Your Great Skin While the cold weather is still upon us, heavy make-up on dry skin can make it worse. Try a […]

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Prévia Makeup Trends for the Fall 2013

As we have closely watched the coming trends for this fall, we are excited at the continuing trend of the “no make-up” dewy-skinned as well as groomed, velvety matte complexion.  What’s great about this trend is you can make the most out of your skin whether you have dry or oily skin. Girlish flushed cheeks […]

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Brides-to-Be…Get Photo Ready for Your Big Day!

Wedding photos are a major part of a Bride’s special day. The last thing she wants to worry about is reapplying makeup throughout the whole event. Foundation, as it turns out, isn’t the foundation of a long-lasting makeup routine. For makeup that will stay on as long as you stay out, try Dr. Wright’s Camera […]

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