Brides-to-Be…Get Photo Ready for Your Big Day!


Wedding photos are a major part of a Bride’s special day. The last thing she wants to worry about is reapplying makeup throughout the whole event. Foundation, as it turns out, isn’t the foundation of a long-lasting makeup routine. For makeup that will stay on as long as you stay out, try Dr. Wright’s Camera Ready Primer Foundation to ensure you are ready for your big day!

Camera Ready

Dr. Fiona Wright’s Tip

Applying primer is a step most of us skip, but it’s the most important step to ensure longevity of your makeup. My Camera Ready Primer Foundation ensures even coverage, and helps foundation glide on and at the same time gives makeup incredible staying power. Without a primer, makeup tends to be absorbed in the skin and look blotchy halfway through the day. This lightweight formula fills in lines and pores to create a perfectly smooth base for your foundation.


Another great way to use Camera Ready Primer Foundation (if your liquid foundation is a little too heavy) is to mix a drop or two of my primer to your foundation.  This simple trick will thin out your liquid foundation – without changing its color!

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