If Your Eyes are the Window to Your Soul…. Your Eyebrows must be the Beautiful Frame!!


Beautiful Brows can accentuate your eyes and also polish your look. Celebrities are seeking full eyebrows that are beautiful and exotic-looking. In the 90’s however, thin, high arched eyebrows were very popular which led to over-tweezing and problematic eyebrows for today! Those who are now not blessed with a lot of eyebrow thickness can create luxurious, groomed arches with these easy steps.

  1. Before you begin, fill in the brows that you want before you tweeze anything. We recommend our PRÉVIA EYEBROW PENCIL available in many different shades to match your brows. The last thing you want to do is over tweeze or cause more gaps or bald spots in your eyebrows.
  2. Once your desired shape is drawn, tweeze any stray hairs underneath your brows, not above!
  3. To start shaping,your starting point should begin in the front of your brow. They should align with the upper bridge of your nose. You can use the straight edge of your tweezers to make sure they align.
  4. The arch should be ¾ away from the nose and the tail should taper off and follow the angle of the eye.
  5. Use an eyebrow brush to lift the hair up for some volume and continue to fill in with our PRÉVIA EYEBROW PENCIL.
  6. Make sure the bottom of your brow is properly filled. Use the straight edge of your tweezers to see any gaps and fill as needed.
  7. Once you’ve created your masterpiece, finish off by filling in where you need to with an eyebrow powder and an angled brush. Try PRÉVIA BROW POWDER in your desired color.

Need a little help with any of the above? Visit our Beyond Spa at Skin MD and Beyond, where we offer Brow Contouring to give you your desired full eyebrows!

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