Previa Summer Eye Shadow Trends for 2014

Every season, Previa Cosmetics looks for the latest colors sweeping the fashion runways. This Summer, bright hues are still showing up and bold eyeliners are still all the rage. Check out this season’s looks!


Purple/Lilac– This hue looks great on any color of eyes. Try a light lilac color for lighter eyes and a darker shade of purple for darker eyes. Try Previa Eye Shadow in Dirty Love.







Aqua/Cobalt– Blue hues might have been the thing of the 80’s but they’re back! Bright Cobalts to Light Aqua hues were seen on the runway. Try Previa Eye Shadow in Ego.







White liner- Not only is it being used as a bold eyeliner, you can also apply inside of your lower lids to make your eyes pop and appear larger. Try our Previa Eyeliner in White.






Brown/Gold Shimmer- For a more summery looking smoky eye, apply browns and golds to bring out your baby blues. Try our Previa Eye Shadow shades in Pure Gold and Big Daddy.






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