It’s Valentine’s Day- so get out your Sexy Make-Up!


So you have a hot date for Valentine’s Day? You want to make an impression and knock his socks off? Here are a few easy tips to maximize your lovely visage!

Show Off Your Great Skin

While the cold weather is still upon us, heavy make-up on dry skin can make it worse. Try a tinted sunscreen like my Green Tea Fortified Anti-Photoaging Sunscreen, SPF 50 that hydrates and protects with a sheer radiant coverage. Apply it with your fingers so it can melt into your skin.

Get a Lovely Flush without the Embarrassment!

The best way to get a natural blush tint is to pinch those cheeks and match the color. But if pinching is not your style then one of our Cosmetic Favorites looks good on almost everyone. Try Prévia Cheek Color in Universal which is a custom adapting shade to any skin tone!

Flutter those Long Lashes!

Start by curling your lashes. Apply Mascara by wiggling the wand back and forth at the roots before moving upward. If applying more than one coat, make sure to use a comb after each coat to avoid clumping. Try Prévia’s Waterproof Mascara in Black.

Get Smooth Kissable Lips!

Before applying your favorite lip color, exfoliate your lips first. You can always use a toothbrush or make your own sugar scrub! Then, you moisturize your lips with a creamy lip balm. Finally, apply your favorite lipstick. One of our favorites is named for just this occasion, Prévia Lipstick in Sex on Heels!

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