Animal Inside Out- at the Ross Perot Museum

Animal Inside Out exhibition at the Natural History museum-779993

When: September 22, 2013 to February 23, 2014

Where: Perot Museum of Nature and Science
2201 N. Field Street
Dallas, TX 75202

What: Explore the intricate biology, zoology and physiology of the world’s most spectacular creatures, large and small in this fascinating new exhibition by Body Worlds creator, anatomist Dr. Gunther von Hagens. Animal Inside Out, a Body Worlds Production takes visitors on an anatomical safari of more than 100 specimens. Each animal is painstakingly preserved by the remarkable process of Plastination, invented by Dr. von Hagens. To receive the best value and to avoid long lines and sell outs, non-member visitors are strongly encouraged to buy bundled, timed-entry tickets for Animal Inside Out, which include general exhibit hall admission, online in advance at the website.

Hurry before the exhibit ends!

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