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Permanent Makeup for Camouflage

If you have a scar that you don’t like the look of- permanent camouflage could be an option to consider. You can tattoo skin color back into the skin so scars are not so obvious. Dr. Wright’s Tip If you have an unwanted scar or a place on your skin that you have lost pigmentation, […]

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Permanent Makeup for Lips

Would you like to wake up and already have color on your lips? Permanent makeup is a great way to add color- whether it’s a natural color or a vibrant color. Dr. Wright’s Tip Wake-up with color! With permanent makeup for your lips- you can choose the color you want. If you want to go […]

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Permanent Makeup for your Eyebrows

  Earlier in the month we talked about tinting for your eyelashes, today we will talk about permanent makeup for your eyebrows. Eyebrows are the frame for your face. Having the right brows makes all the difference.  Maybe your brows are thinning and you need a few hair strokes to thicken them up. There is […]

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Wake Up with Darker, Fuller Eyelashes!

Do your eyes sparkle like jewels or do they simply get lost in the scenery of your face? Did you know you can tint your lashes? To darken your lashes and make them stand out more without mascara a tint can be applied to your lashes and even your eyebrows! Dr. Wright’s Tip I recommend […]

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