Permanent Makeup for Lips

Would you like to wake up and already have color on your lips? Permanent makeup is a great way to add color- whether it’s a natural color or a vibrant color.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Wake-up with color! With permanent makeup for your lips- you can choose the color you want. If you want to go for a vibrant color- then pick a vibrant color. But, you can also choose colors that are more a nude if you just want to add some natural color to your lip. If you are worried about “bleeding” lipstick or having to re-apply your lipstick over and over, then permanent lipstick is great for you. It is done in our clinic with a topical anesthetic that is put on your lips to help eliminate any discomfort you might have. You can still apply lipstick over the permanent lipstick, so if you do want a little different color- it is still possible. When picking the color you want- you will need to pick a shade that is a little darker than your natural lips. Also, you may want to pick a color that is closest to your favorite shade of lipstick. If this may sound confusing to you – don’t worry. It can all be explained in detail when you visit us for your complimentary consultation. Call today!

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