What Can You do about those Unwanted Scars?

Are you ready to finally tackle those adolescent scar marks? Then we may have the laser for you- Palomar. Many people feel they are stuck with their childhood scars from acne and are very tired of looking in the mirror with a constant reminder of their teenage troubles. Previously the only real option was surgical resurfacing with CO2 lasers done by a plastic surgeon. These treatments are still the gold standard for dramatic results however; most people cannot endure the painful recovery and prolonged healing time, in addition to the daily wound care as well as the expense.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

With today’s technology we can improve the appearance of scars with little to no downtime. The Palomar Lux Lift treatment pokes tiny holes into the collagen layers of the skin causing the collagen to reproduce and plump up new skin cells causing the scars to improve. These require a series of treatments but only require 2-3 days of redness and swelling. If you require a deeper treatment we also have a Micro Laser Peel that only myself or Dr Tim Wright perform. These can be used in addition to the Palomar to target deeper scarring or can also be done alone. These laser peels require a series but the downtime is limited to 3-5 days of redness and swelling.

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