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Introducing a New Procedure to Erase Scars & Stretch Marks!

Life can bring all kinds of changes, including changes in your body size, especially during times of pregnancy, puberty, rapid weight-gain or muscle building. It can also cause unsightly stretch marks too. An alarming 90% of pregnant women will get stretch marks around their abdomen, hips and thighs, and unfortunately, it seems to be genetic […]

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Stimulate Collagen and Have Beautiful Skin Again with a Dermapen Facial!

Skin MD and Beyond and patients were excited when we introduced the DermaPen Facial at the clinic this August.  The Dermapen Medical Skin Needling Treatment is the world’s most advanced skin micro needling device and was voted the Best Professional Skin Rejuvenating Device of 2012 by Aesthetic practices throughout the US and the UK. The […]

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Erase Those Stretch Marks!

If you have stretch marks, you’re not alone — and you’re in good company. Reportedly mega-model Cindy Crawford has them, so does actresses Halle Berry and Kate Beckinsale, among countless other women, both famous and otherwise. Stretch marks are a fact of life, and everyone who has them always asks, “How can I get rid […]

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Say Goodbye to Scars!

Scars are often a painful way to remind one of the past, and acne scars often plague adults throughout their life. Scarring is a physical condition that can have a huge psychological impact. It affects all ages and can destroy self-confidence, affect relationships and even shape the way people live their lives.  In the past, there […]

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Permanent Makeup for Camouflage

If you have a scar that you don’t like the look of- permanent camouflage could be an option to consider. You can tattoo skin color back into the skin so scars are not so obvious. Dr. Wright’s Tip If you have an unwanted scar or a place on your skin that you have lost pigmentation, […]

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What Can You do about those Unwanted Scars?

Are you ready to finally tackle those adolescent scar marks? Then we may have the laser for you- Palomar. Many people feel they are stuck with their childhood scars from acne and are very tired of looking in the mirror with a constant reminder of their teenage troubles. Previously the only real option was surgical […]

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