Permanent Makeup for Camouflage

If you have a scar that you don’t like the look of- permanent camouflage could be an option to consider. You can tattoo skin color back into the skin so scars are not so obvious.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

If you have an unwanted scar or a place on your skin that you have lost pigmentation, then by using a skin tattoo color you can shade color back into that area of concern. This can take 2-3 treatments to achieve a natural blending of colors to reduce the look of scars. The scar needs to be at least a year old before any kind of tattooing could be done to try and cover it. For women that have had breast cancer and have had their breast removed and rebuilt- a nipple can actually be tattooed back on to the breast. If you would like to set up an appointment to see if your scar could be covered -please call our clinic at 972-608-0808 and set up an appointment with Channing.


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