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Complexion correction for imperfect skin

Dr. Fiona Wright of Plano, TX is a dedicated provider in the area who assists men and women in achieving beautiful, perfect skin. If you are struggling with certain complexion issues, including acne, rosacea, melasma, freckles, and broken blood vessels, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with our team. We welcome patients to discuss […]

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Announcing a New Fiona Wright MD Product to Brighten Skin!

Do you want to restore your skin’s radiance and clarity? – then try our new Complexion Perfection Lotion! Dr. Fiona Wright is excited to announce her newest and “in-demand” product which delivers powerful pigment lightening results without the irritation! With brightening botanical ingredients such as Kojic Acid, Arbutin and Bearberry, this antioxidant lotion brightens your […]

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Brown Spot and Pigmentation and Issue? Lasers Don’t Suit You? Try our Dermapen Treatment!

  Although lasers have successfully treated uneven skin tones, oftentimes there are those who are not always a candidate for these treatments. Lasers are often difficult to use on patients with darker skin tones because their natural skin pigment serves as a risk, when using temperature levels needed to create therapeutic thermal damage to achieve […]

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Stimulate Collagen and Have Beautiful Skin Again with a Dermapen Facial!

Skin MD and Beyond and patients were excited when we introduced the DermaPen Facial at the clinic this August.  The Dermapen Medical Skin Needling Treatment is the world’s most advanced skin micro needling device and was voted the Best Professional Skin Rejuvenating Device of 2012 by Aesthetic practices throughout the US and the UK. The […]

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Removing Brown Spots may be a Freeze a Way!

With aging and sun exposure, many people start to notice more brown spots on their hands and face.  When these spots are more raised and rough they could be a Seborrheic  Keratosis (SK) and it can be successfully treated with Liquid Nitrogen, also known as Cryotherapy. Liquid Nitrogen is sprayed onto the area of the […]

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