Brighten and Clear Up your Skin with this New Fiona Wright MD Product!


Dark spots left from pimples and uneven skin tone is a thing of the past with our new Complexion Perfection Pads! Dr. Fiona Wright is excited to announce this great product that she has introduced to brighten skin along with antioxidants to protect and soothe skin.  With the aid of 10% glycolic, these pads will gently remove the dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin, as well as excess oil and dirt which enlarges your pores. Once clean, Vitamins A, C, E, Co Q10 and Green Tea Extracts which are encapsulated will help repair and protect your skin from environmental damage.  Your smother and younger looking skin tone is just one stroke away!

Read on to find out more about this new product!

Dr. Fiona Wright’s Tip:

My powerful, yet gentle Complexion Correction Pads will take your skin to the next level of Radiance! Specially formulated with a potent blend of the purest 10% Glycolic, Witch Hazel, and Retinyl (Vitamin A ) it will shrink your pores, reduce dullness and create an even skin tone and texture.  The protective ingredients of Co Q10 with the calming benefits of Green Tea  extract  will help reduce redness in the skin to leave it looking radiant and refreshed!

Ideal for those with oily, aging, and acne-prone skin who want to reduce pores and renew dull,  wrinkled skin.  May also be used as a cleansing pad to prepare your skin for my Complexion Perfection Lotion – for a New Skin Makeover!


Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX