See Spots Run with these Acne Erasing Tips!


People who know me know that I am a chocolate fiend – and Easter is not a good time for my acne! Like many, I enjoy chocolates a bit too much during Easter and sit back and get ready for my dreaded sweet tooth blemish breakout.  Although there is no direct link between breakouts and eating chocolate, a new study does suggest there may be a link between high-glycemic foods and breakouts.

Although there are several factors into what causes a pimple or a breakout, you don’t have to live with the evidence much longer!

Read on to find out more!

Dr. Fiona Wright’s Tip:

Acne can be difficult to cope with and hard to handle. You can get acne by genetics, your diet, bad habits, stress, and your lifestyle. To help achieve a clearer complexion, you must first find out what triggers your reaction and how to treat it. Here are some helpful tips to make spots disappear:

1.) Make better choices with what you eat.

2.) Make sure to wash your pillow cases every other day to kill bacteria that can transfer to your skin.

3.) Wipe your phone constantly to rid of oils from your skin.

4.) Try to avoid popping or extracting your acne which can cause dark spots and scars. Leave it to the professionals and book a Blemish Control Facial!

5.) Avoid foods with high sugar content. If you are eating chocolate this Easter season, try dark chocolate! It has less sugar than milk chocolate and more anti-oxidants!

4.) Introduce an acne fighting agent into your skin care, like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. You can try our Dual BP Scrub Cleanser or our Therapeutic Facial Mask to cleanse deep and destroy the bacteria. Our new Bee Beautiful Purifying Serum keeps your skin oil free and pimple free. Whatever the means, there is help and you are not alone.

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