Permanent Makeup for your Eyebrows


Earlier in the month we talked about tinting for your eyelashes, today we will talk about permanent makeup for your eyebrows. Eyebrows are the frame for your face. Having the right brows makes all the difference.  Maybe your brows are thinning and you need a few hair strokes to thicken them up. There is no need to draw them on daily. So throw your eyebrow pencils away and let us help you.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

At SKIN MD and Beyond, we offer two different permanent eyebrow techniques, the “hairline stroke” and the “solid brow”. With the hairline stroke we apply hair drawn on in a 3-dimensional shape using two colors: a light and a dark. This is great option for people with light colored eyebrows and fair complexions. If you like a soft powder look, then you will enjoy the solid brows. By getting the right color and shape this can look very natural. Permanent eyebrows allow you more time to relax in the morning instead of spending time drawing them on or having to reapply before you go out in public. With a tattoo you know it will be the same every day. Permanent makeup will fade naturally and will need a touch up in 2-3 years.

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