Say “GOOD- BYE’ to your Red Face with IPL

Looking for the best way to treat your red complexion or rosacea? There are only a few forms of treatment for rosacea and all require the help of your doctor.  The first step to treatment is with topical or oral prescriptions to reduce the ruddiness and to re-texurize skin to reduce the bumps and pimples. One of Dr. Wright’s “go-to” prescriptions is the topical treatments known as Finacea.  To learn more about this prescription logon to Another form of treatment is to perform a painless procedure known as Photo facial or IPL (Intense Pulse Light).

Dr. Wright’s Tip

For the best improvement of your rosacea, using a prescription daily in addition to in-office treatments will alleviate redness. IPL ( Intense Pulse Light) treatments are also known as PhotoFacials and the technology uses a wavelength of light to constrict vessels, destroy superficial facial veins and slow overall blood flow in the skin reducing the overall redness. Flashes of light are administered to the entire face and the light will disrupt the blood vessels causing them to collapse. This will decrease the excess circulation on the skin which in turn will reduce the redness. The protocol is six treatments every three weeks and with almost no downtime.  Once your treatments are completed – it is important to realize that our Texas Summers are the enemy and 1-2 maintenance treatments may be required in the Fall.

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