How to Have Sexy Moist Lips through the Winter Season

Soft, moist full lips are hard to acquire during colder climates. We tend to see more dry skin and chapped lips in the winter because the air is dryer, the humidity is down and it’s cold outside. Dry, cracked skin is more than just painful it’s unattractive. It is hard to apply lipsticks and lip gloss when the skin on your lips is cracked and flaky. You must maintain moisture throughout the year, especially in the winter.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Lips have a very thin layer of skin compared to the rest of the face, so they are especially susceptible to drying out in the cold wind and low humidity of winter. Balms and ointments containing petroleum or beeswax are the best for sealing in moisture. Also, during this season we tend to lick our lips a lot more which can cause an infection or skin disorder, therefore avoid excessive licking. Saliva evaporates quickly, leaving lips drier than before you licked them. If you tend to lick your lips, avoid flavored lip balm — which may tempt you to lick your lips even more. One common disorder which affects the corner of the lips is Perleche, which is the inflammation of the sides of the lips (or the corners of the mouth) which can follow a fungal or a bacterial infection. It can be caused by many things including bacteria, fungus, malnutrition, or by intolerance to a certain type of yeast called candida albicans. This problem manifests in the cracking of the corners of the mouth where cuts or ulcers may form. We are all more prone to this problem during the winter season. Make sure to avoid licking and use a quality protective lip balm that includes an SPF. Remember lips need protection from the sun as well.

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