Let your Make-Up Shine for the New Year

It’s time to party and bring in the New Year, so put on your party face and make sure your make-up is rocking. People tend to get more animated about their make-up around the holidays. With all holiday make-up it is pretty much the same. There are lots of small ways you can change your regular routine to make it festive. 

Dr. Wright’s Tip 

There is no trick to achieve the right look for any New Year’s Eve party.  Since you will be dancing and celebrating, make sure your make-up is camera ready. Always choose a make-up primer that is suited for your skin. Our CAMERA READY PRIMING FOUNDATION is what you will need to keep your makeup in place during all the dancing and photos! Camera Ready minimizes the appearance of fine lines, smoothes skin texture and keeps foundation in place all evening long. Pores get larger when we age and a full coverage foundation settles into them making them look worse and this is not a good look in pictures. So correct it with Camera Ready to “keep the look” all party long!

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