How to Make your Lips Fuller

Want fuller-looking lips? For a non-medical method- try a lip gloss or go several shades darker with your lipstick. Rich red shades make lips look fuller than neutral ones. There are several other options you can do depending on the amount of fullness you want with your lips. 

Dr. Wright’s Tip

For “plump” lips you can also try applying liner just outside your natural lip line and dab a blot of gloss in the middle of your bottom lip. You can also try lipstick plumpers – but be prepared that the effect will only be temporary. Some formulas use a traditional lip-plumping ingredient, such as Maxi Lip, which stimulates collagen and boots hydration. Others use ingredients that help lips retain moisture, which gives lips the appearance of being fuller.  For longer-lasting full lips, try lip creams that contain peptides or other collagen boosters.  Once you have “prepped” you lips then choose a “stand -out” lipstick.  In our Prévia COSMETIC LINE, you could try our lipsticks such as “BITTEN” OR “VIVA”.

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX