Do you have “Goose Bumps” on your Arms? Then you could have Keratosis Pilaris

Wishing for soft, smooth arms but can’t seem to get rid of those tiny bumps? There is a good chance you may have Keratosis pilaris or KP. It is a genetic condition that affects the skin anywhere there are hair follicles. It is harmless and often mistaken for acne but it is actually excessive keratin (a natural protein in the skin) that surrounds the skin and clogs the hair  follicles in the pore. It is most often found on the back and outer sides of the upper arms but can occur on thighs, legs, hands and anywhere you have hair, regardless of how fine the hair is!

Dr. Wright’s Tip

The best way to treat Keratosis Pilaris is with a chemical exfoliant skincare product which will help slough off the excessive proteins that are clogging the hair follicle. Look for body washes and lotions with any blend of alpha hydroxyl acids or AHA’s which help to melt away the proteins in the skin. One of our favorites is our ALL-IN-ONE ACNE WASH with 10% glycolic acid.  You can also look for over the counter brands like Curel that have exfoliating properties like their Plus Smoothing Essentials Lotion. One thing to keep in mind is while using these lotions; you may be more susceptible to sun exposure due to the sloughing off of dead skin, so always remember your sunscreen!

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