Do you Like what You See in the Mirror….

Do you struggle with liking what you see in the mirror? Body image is a big issue for many people, and most have a negative image of themselves when looking in the mirror.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

A positive body image is critical to a person’s self esteem and mental wellness. If we look around us in magazines and on TV- everywhere we see what the “perfect” body image should be, but most of the time this is an unrealistic image to attain. Even young children are now becoming obsessed with their bodies and may develop unhealthy eating habits to try and get the body they want. Your family and friends can also negatively affect your image of yourself. To help you through this however, there are some simple things to remember which can help with your self-esteem; eating healthy with fresh fruits and vegetables is key to having good skin, hair and strong bones. Make sure you exercise regularly because this can also boost your “feel good” hormones and improve your self-image and energy levels. Working out 20 minutes a day can help keep the doctor away! Then when all else fails, visit us as we offer several non-surgical laser treatments that can help with cellulite and inches (VELASHAPE/VELACONTOUR); fat reduction (ZERONA and MESOTHERAPY); and skin tightening (3 DEEP TIGHTENING). Remember, you do not have to be model thin, as being happy and healthy is the key to the best self-image!

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