Make-up Tips for Enhancing Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are gorgeous and captivating to many people. Using the right colors, you can enhance their radiance, pop out those blues, and turn some heads. Your skin color, the kind of hue your blues are and the outfit all play an instrumental role in determining what make up you will be selecting in your palette. One universal color for many blue eyes is bronze. Bronze is a warm toned color that is complimentary to blue and it’s a great color to wear every day.  A couple of colors to try in our Prévia line are “PURE GOLD” or “WANA”.

Dr. Wright’s Tip  

There are many ways to bring out the natural shade of blue in your eyes.  Here are some tips on how to make the colors of your eyes sparkle.

  • Blue Grey Eyes – use silvers, light blues, purples, sea greens, and smoky grays.
  • Light Blue Eyes – use silvers, gold colors, peachy colors, turquoise, and light blue.
  • Aqua Eyes- use bronze, grey, silver, mauve, and dark blue-greens.
  • Dark Blue Eyes- use dark grey, deep purples, lavender, dark violets, blue-green, and deep brown.

Keep in mind for light blue eyes not to use very dark colors, unless if you apply it in the crease or use it as your liner.  Using dark colors on light blue eyes will give you a raccoon-like look.  After you have chosen and applied the eye shadow color, apply eyeliner to bring out the shape of your eyes and finish off with mascara.

The more you experiment with different colors, the more comfortable and confident you’ll be once you find the ones that best suit your face.

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX