Hydrating Body Polish

Hydrating your body can do wonders. A nourishing and detoxifying body treatment like a body polish can promote balance and restore your skins health.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Do you have dry skin or dull looking skin on your body? You should try our HYDRATING BODY POLISH to help remove the dead, dry skin cells. This treatment helps to refresh your skin with a luscious moisturizing exfoliating mix of sea salts. A dry brush treatment will be performed prior to the application of the exfoliating mixture which will remove dead skin cells. Following your treatment you will enjoy a warm wash which will be followed by an application of moisturizer to leave your skin silky soft. This treatment is also an ideal compliment to any massage we offer at the clinic.  After having this treatment, you will notice that your lotions and creams will absorb better to give your skin the care it really needs to help your body look youthful.

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX