Too Many Products to Keep in Order?

Serums and moisturizers and sunscreens, oh my! Finding it hard to keep your products in order? Not sure what goes on when? We are here to help. Always think about the consistency of the product you are using. First, always remember prescriptions go on first, unless otherwise instructed by your physician, then think about the texture. Depending on how thick the product is determines the order in which you apply it. Serums being the most liquid are always next in line after your cleanser, then gels; followed by your creams- like moisturizers and finally sunscreen. Your sunscreen is the icing on the cake before the decorations, decorations being your makeup.

Dr. Wright’s Tip

Sometimes remembering the order of products can be tricky, especially when you begin a new routine. A little reminder I use is a simple labeling system, written directly on the top of my products with a number coordinating with the order I use it.  This way I always know the order and find it easier to remember in the future. I also often mix my liquid foundation with my sunscreen (two parts sunscreen to one part makeup) to save a step in the application process without sacrificing my SPF protection! Call us today to schedule a Skin Consultation if you would like to find out more about our products and let one of our aestheticians help you thru the process.

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