How to Properly Exfoliate Your Skin

skincare tipsAs one of the most effective and important ways to clean your skin and keep it in the best condition as possible, it’s important that you exfoliate your skin 2-3 times per week. However, with so many products and claims on how to best exfoliate your skin, it can be hard to know the proper way to exfoliate your skin in order to get the best results for your skin as possible. Read on to learn more.

Wash With Room Temperature or Cold Water

Yes, the thought of washing your face with cold water or water that’s simply lukewarm may not sound quite as appealing as washing with really warm water. Although warm water can help you feel calm and relaxed, if the water is too hot it can actually scald your skin and cause more harm than good. Instead, try exfoliating your skin with room temperature or cold water. Or if you really feel up to it, start with room temperature water and then end up with a splash of cold water on your skin.

Know Your Skin Type

If you don’t know your skin type, schedule an appointment with Dr. Fiona Wright. There are three primary types of skin, dry, normal, and oily. If you suffer from dry skin and are using an exfoliant that is designed to help treat oily skin, then it will just exacerbate your dryness, strip your skin of oils, and cause you to be worse off. Whereas if you have dry skin but choose to exfoliate with something that’s a bit moisturizing, then you can actually help to aid in the problem.

Scrub a Dub

As one of the easiest and most effective forms of exfoliating your skin, choose a face scrub with natural exfoliants like sugar or salt in them. These exfoliants will work to gently remove blackheads, whiteheads, and clear out your clogged pores.

It’s important to understand how to properly exfoliate your skin. By using the right temperature of water, understanding your skin type, and using gentle scrub, you can exfoliate your skin.



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