Get your Hyaluronic On, without the worry of Needles!

By now you’ve all heard of Hyaluronic Acid (hyaluronan), our natural body hydrator, and you probably know about its ability to plump and moisturize the skin. However, did you know you can have it infused into the deeper layers of your skin – giving you better, deeper hydration resulting in smoother, suppler, and gorgeous skin! The answer is DermaSweep MD. It is the latest most effective skin polishing and hydration treatment to get the best skin health possible – by exfoliating off the dead layers all the while penetrating the deep dermal layers with hyaluronan infusion treatment.

Dr. Wright’s tip

Hyaluronan is a major component of skin, where tissues repair is involved. When skin is exposed to excessive UVB rays, it becomes inflamed (sunburn) and the cells in the dermis stop producing as much hyaluronan and dehydration and aging starts! During our hot Texas summers infusing the deep layers WITHIN the skin, Hyaluronan can rejuvenate your skin and undo some of the damage – and reverse the aging process!   With DermaSweep MD- Exfoliating and Epi-Infusion Treatments we can deliver medical grade solutions formulated to treat specific dermatologic conditions including dehydration and sun-damage.   DermaSweep MD offers efficacious and comfortable skin treatments with patented physician-directed technology to achieve a remarkable degree of improvement in the skin texture, tone and radiance.  If you had the option of putting something good for you ON your skin or IN your skin, which would you choose?

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