Reveal Beautiful Skin with our NEW Glycolic Serums!


At home treatments are just as important as your regular visits to your esthetician.  In-office procedures at Skin MD and Beyond can provide you with the deep cleaning and medical level strength products that you cannot achieve at home – but it is still important to implement an exfoliating treatment that will improve the clarity and texture of your skin on a daily basis.  Incorporating a Glycolic Acid, (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) into your skincare regimen, will remove dead skin cells to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and large pores.

To help you with your daily quest, we are excited to introduce Fiona Wright M.D.’s Refining Glycolic Serum with Aloe! Ideal for all skin types, with the exception of highly sensitive skin, this anti-aging facial serum is available in two serum concentrations, 10% and 15% Glycolic Acid.

Dr. Wright developed this treatment with natural fruit acids and highly concentrated Aloe Vera for a more gentle peeling action that leaves skin smooth, healthy and re-textured. Although there are many aloes, most have only limited medicinal and healing properties and some may even cause allergic reactions. It is only among the Aloe Vera varieties (specifically Aloe Barbadensis) that studies have been shown to have the most powerful medicinal properties, which is why Dr. Wright incorporated it into her Age Defense Skin Care line.

Remember to always wear sunscreen when using any Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids and sun exposure should be avoided or limited. Be sure to not apply the serum to irritated or broken skin.


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