A Daily Exfoliant that Won’t Strip Your Skin of Moisture!


One of our Best-Sellers at Skin MD and Beyond, as well as an agreed must-have product among the staff is Fiona Wright MD’s Exfoliating Cleanser. Why is it a necessity you ask? It must be the fine granules that make us feel like we’re having a facial every day. Or it may be how it makes our skin feel great after washing?  This invigorating cleansing is the perfect start to an antiaging regimen as additional products absorb better after washing with this great Exfoliating Cleanser!

Read on to find out more about this great must-have product!

Dr. Fiona Wright’s Tip:

As we age, cell “turn over” slows down, so daily exfoliation is the key. To maintain that marvelous glow, exfoliate at least twice a week – but I do it every day with my EXFOLIATING CLEANSER!

There are different variations of exfoliants. Some are made with fruit, nuts, grains or sugar granules.  Other exfoliants , like the EXFOLIATING CLEANSER, are water based which contain fine cleansing beads that are perfectly round particles which gently roll across your skin, unlike others that can scratch and irritate the skin. This cleansing will remove dead skin cells and blockage.  Skin feels remarkably clean, without the dryness and irritation associated with soaps and other exfoliating cleansers. The result? – a smooth  skin texture and a brighter looking skin!

Try it today and discover why this is the #1 Cleanser at my clinic!

Cosmetic Skin Care Specialist Plano, TX